Billion Softswitch Key Features

Billion Softswitch is a software server that can be used for professional purposes in the area of VoIP communications. It operates under H323 protocol and ensures calls conversion between SIP and H.323 protocols.

Call routing

Call routing includes rules and parameters that manage calls from one endpoint to another through a network. Call routing features of Billion Softswitch are the following:

  • H.323 and  SIP protocols support;                   
  • SIP and H.323 protocols conversion;    
  • Media-proxying availability;
  • LCR-routing;
  • Defective routes elimination; 
  • External router interaction (using RADIUS protocol); 
  • Active calls review with the option to interrupt them;      
  • Restriction of the range of connection ports;    
  • Restriction of the number of simultaneous calls;           
  • Changeability of dialed numbers (working with tech-prefixes);   
  • Flexible route parameters (fast start, H245 tunneling, codecs list modification, adjustment of DTMF-signals, etc.);                       
  • Gateway management (1719 for RAS and 1720 for H.323 signaling, 5060 for SIP).

Subscriber registration

Registration management requires account, login, password and IP-address assigned to a registered subscriber and stored in Billion Softswitch database. With intelligent subscriber management, Billion Softswitch develops a full-featured user interface for day-to-day VoIP communication experience. Subscriber registration includes:

  • SIP (Registrar) and H.323 (RAS) subscribers registration; 
  • Visible status of registered subscribers; 
  • Transparent registration on upper servers;
  • Self-registration on upper servers;
  • Optional registration for outgoing calls. 

Call authorization

Billion Softswitch performs authorization of calls received from subscribers or external devices (originators). Authorization process is similar to subscriber registration. Billion Softswitch call authorization enables:

  • Authorization management by an IP-address, username, login and password;
  • Interaction with external billing systems (using RADIUS protocol);
  • Q.931 return management.       

Call data record (CDR)

Call data record is the data obtained during communication transactions. Information about processed calls is transformed into Call Data Record files (CDR text files) used by external billing systems and for reports generation. Billion Softswitch ensures:

  • Informative call data records (more than 30 fields);
  • Regular CDR-files generation;
  • Built-in recovery mechanism to protect information in case of hardware failure.

Embedded call rating and billing

Rating system processes CDR-files. Such information as call date, call length, etc. is processed and used to rate calls. Billing procedure is exceptionally efficient as it is performed without external system connection. The billing system embedded in Billion Softswitch is tailored for limited number of customers (up to several hundreds). Billion Softswitch provides:

  • Calls price calculation;
  • Prepaid balance control at call authorizing;
  • Rating plans creation; 
  • Tariff plans management.

Integration with external billing systems

Billion Softswitch can be integrated with external billing systems. CDR-files used by external systems can be customized to meet the requirements of a system in terms of format or behavior. Billion Softswitch enables:

  • RADIUS-based integration;
  • A prepaid-system availability; 
  • Flexible customization of authorizing parameters (ip-address, username, login, password).


Billion Softswitch can operate in segmented networks with NAT implementation. Network Address Translation (NAT) is the transformation of an IP-address used in one network to a different IP-address used in another network. The software ensures:

  • Nat-based software support;
  • UDP hole punch;
  • STUN-client;
  • Session Border Controller functions.

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

IVR mechanism is developed used to control network functions and facilitate Billion Softswitch application. It implies interaction between the subscriber and Billion Softswitch system following the IVR dialogue. It includes:

  • Service messages;
  • Open XML-based IVR script language;
  • The mechanism of figures spelling (for the English and Russian languages). 


Billion Softswitch management system provides user-friendly navigation, convenient setup and maintenance processes. The system provides:

  • Administrative web-interface;
  • Remote configuration;
  • Status control.

Fax support

  • T. 38 support;
  • T.120 support;
  • RTP and UDP.  

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows; 
  • Linux.

Billion Softswitch is available for purchase here or you can download free trial version to get your hands on and test it.