About Billion Softswitch

Billion Softswitch is an innovative transit proxy server developed by ProfInfoTech to simplify business activity in the telecom market. It is a special software server designed to manage softswitch VoIP networks based on SIP softswitch and H.323 gatekeeper.

Billion Softswitch Key Capabilities:

  • Signal and media streams proxy
  • Cross-protocol conversion
  • Media streams transcoding
  • User authentication and authorization
  • Calling to optimum terminators
  • Report generation

Technical Overview

Billion Softswitch improves VoIP network with the help of advanced call routing features and embedded compact billing system. Subscribers’ registration and call routing are based on SIP and H.323 protocols. The transit proxy server also ensures SIP H.323 conversion. The software supports integration with external routing and billing servers through RADIUS protocol, while JDBC protocol is used to connect with external database servers. Billion Softswitch maintain call lists (Call Data Record) and supports NAT traversal. The transit proxy server can successfully process up to 1024 simultaneous calls.

Billion Softswitch software supports Microsoft Windows and Linux. Installation and initial configuration of Billion Softswitch are performed in accordance with customer’s requirements with easy setting up process.

Why choose Billion Softswitch?

  • User-friendly installation procedure
  • Configuration simplicity
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Attractive price

With Billion Softswitch it is very easy to operate on the telecom market – no special equipment is required.

Billion Softswitch license fee model is very flexible and depends on the number of simultaneous calls. The initial purchase of a license for a certain number of simultaneous calls can be expanded by paying only the difference between two licenses. Licenses are valid on any supporting operating system.

Users can also subscribe for Billion Softswitch. The subscription allows using of fully functional version of the software with necessary configurations. Payments are made on a monthly basis. 

All registered users are offered technical support as well as configuration analysis via remote connection, log-file analysis and compatibility verification with other programs. ProfInfoTech also provide Billion Softswitch initial installation and configuration services with the environment setting up.

Billion Softswitch is available for purchase here or you can download free trial version to get your hands on and test it.