About Billion Phone

Billion Phone is functional phone software for making voice calls using the SIP protocol.  It addresses the users’ daily needs anytime and anywhere by delivering their communication experience to the endpoint in a safe and timely manner.

Key Features

  • SIP registration;
  • incoming, outgoing  and missed calls history;
  • phone book;
  • customized settings:
    • SIP client management (SIP server domain, registered user name and password);
    • Audio capacities to use Billion Phone as a micro, or speakers with .WAV files supported;
    • Codec package;
    • Network interface management;
  • current onscreen balance, when running Billion Softswitch, Billion PBX and other SIP servers.

With PBX phone system, Billion Softphone users are offered with the same call features available to them at the office and on the go. It installs and runs directly from the computer making calls using a VoIP service from any location. Phone software settings are customizable; the convenient interface allows to view calls list, system messages and user balance, accept and decline the call, manage micro/speakers and phone book settings.

Why choose Billion Phone

  • Simple user-friendly navigation;
  • Enhanced user interface;
  • Low hardware requirements:
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • CPU: Pentium II 400;
    • Memory: 128 Mb;
    • Sound card: full-duplex, 16-bit
    • IP-network
  • Flexible settings;
  • Good audio quality;
  • Free;

With no high-cost mobile phone bills, SIP softphone applies to computer-to-computer and computer-to-phone calls. With SIP-protocol support and flexible pricing, Billion Softphone minimizes expenses on long-distance calls, provides feature-rich functionality and can be used with any SIP-based VoIP server. The product is primarily developed for heavy travellers, telecommuters, call center businesses, and long-distance callers.

Depending on the VoIP service providers’ needs, PBX phone system provides interface customization and features upgrade.  The free version of the software is fully functional and is available for download.