Buy Billion PBX

The price of Billion PBX license depends on the number of concurrent calls passing through it. You can choose any license size from the list below and make an upgrade later paying only the difference between new and existing license.

We also offer subscription to Billion PBX. In that case you pay on a monthly basis and use the software during the month. This approach lets you lower the risks and investment volume. The subscription includes technical support by email.

You can purchase a license in our partner's software store -

Number of lines Perpetual license Subscription
License price Price of technical support for 1 year Price of license including technical support for 1 year Monthly subscription price
4 $120.00 Buy! $24.00 Buy! $144.00 Buy! $12.00 Buy!
8 $225.00 Buy! $45.00 Buy! $270.00 Buy! $22.50 Buy!
16 $410.00 Buy! $82.00 Buy! $492.00 Buy! $41.00 Buy!
32 $755.00 Buy! $151.00 Buy! $906.00 Buy! $75.50 Buy!
64 $1,325.00 Buy! $265.00 Buy! $1,590.00 Buy! $132.50 Buy!
128 $1,900.00 Buy! $380.00 Buy! $2,280.00 Buy! $190.00 Buy!

If you need a number of lines not listed here please contact us to get individual quotation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by phones: : +7 812 956-9226, +7 812 309-7146.