Office Phone Systems Based on Billion PBX

With ProfInfoTech Office Phone Systems based on Billion PBX, office computer network receives all the functionality of the phone network with innovative systems’ features. Billion PBX cleverly combines computer and phone networks in one efficient office phone system. ProfInfoTech’s professionals provide assistance with deployment, configuration and maintenance of the system.

Office Phone Systems Based on Billion PBX features:

  • Internal calls;
  • External calls to VoIP-provider network such as Skype;
  • External calls to landline phones;
  • Incoming calls from landline and various routing:
    • Direct routing (DID) : every public phone number matches number in the office network;
    • Incoming  group call: received by all users at once or in a chosen sequence until answered;
    • Auto-attendant for incoming calls and tone signal forwarding to the user ;
    • Call transferring to another user, including mobile or public phone;
    • Voice mailbox service or redirecting to another number ;
    • Ability to receive voice mailbox’s messages in sound files by email.
  • Callback;
  • IVR-system;
  • Embedded billing system;
  • Self-service web-page;
  • Interface to external billing system.

ProfInfoTech’s office phone system includes Billion PBX software, telephony adapter (ATA) and end-user devices such as softphones, ip-phones, ATAs, and smartphones. ProfInfoTech provides a rich selection of system’s features, from simple to sophisticated phone options suitable for call centers, of reasonable pricing category for an office phone system. With broadband internet support, long distance calls are accessible through any SIP-provider. Billion PBX contains flexible routing tools enabled to pick the call destination based on various criteria, including cost per minute.

Why choose Billion PBX?

  • Easy to use;
  • 5-minutes installation;
  • Versions for Windows and Linux;
  • Administrative web-interface;
  • Good documentation;
  • Free trial version.


Version update is available with the release of new Billion PBX system.  Version update is free and takes only 5 minutes.  In case more concurrent calls are required, ProfInfoTech’s clients need to cover the price difference between new and existing license only.