Billion PBX Key Features - ProfInfoTech

Billion PBX is VoIP PBX based software designed for extensive use in the telecommunication area. The main advantage of the software is its functionality and usability.

Call routing

  • Call routing manages calls from one point to another through the network. Call routing features of Billion PBX include:
  • SIP or H.323 protocols call termination;
  • Call redirection to internal subscribers and external units (terminators); 
  • Static and dynamic routing (including LCR, endpoint load and endpoint availability routing);
  • External router interaction (RADIUS protocol);
  • Defective routes avoidance;
  • Active calls review;
  • Number of ports regulation;
  • Number of simultaneous calls regulation. 

Subscriber management

To register in the system, a subscriber provides its account, login, password and IP-address. Billion PBX manages subscriber access in a functional network environment. The main features of subscriber registration:

  • SIP Registrar protocol registration;
  • Registered subscribers can accept incoming calls;
  • Non-obligatory outgoing calls registration.

Call authorization and authentication

Billion PBX initiates the call authorization and authentication flow based on subscribers’ authorization data provided during the registration process. Billion PBX call authorization and authentication enables:

  • Authorization from external units (originators) or subscribers;
  • Subscriber authentication based on authentication data;
  • IP-address authorization. 

Call recording

Billion PBX records calls and saves them as media-files on the hard disk. 


Billion PBX provides callback system to reduce expenses associated with long-distance and mobile calls. Callback control is performed through:

  • IVR;
  • http-request;
  • SMS-request.

Call data records (CDR)

Detailed information about calls processed by Billion PBX is transformed into Call Data Record files (CDR text files) for external billing systems and statistics reporting. The system ensures:

  • Informative call data recording; 
  • CDR-files generation.

Embedded call rating and billing system

Rating system is based on CDR-files which are processed to rate calls. Billing system is very efficient as it functions without external system connection. Billion PBX provides:

  • Calls price calculation; 
  • Customer’s balance control; 
  • Rating and tariff plans management.  

Integration with external billing systems

The software can be integrated with external billing systems using RADIUS protocol that is developed to carry authorization and configuration data between a network and authentication servers.


Billion PBX can work in segmented networks using NAT providing:

  • IP-addresses and media-packet ports modification based on UDP hole punch technology

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

Interactive voice menu management ensures subscribers’ interaction through the use of voice and DTMF tones used for voicemail, callback and others. With IVR-scripts, Billion PBX functions as:

  • Powerful script processor; 
  • Interactive voice menu.

Advanced call features

Billion PBX allows using a vast set of additional features:

  • Call forwarding to a specified number, autoinformer  or voicemail;
  • Call holding;
  • Group call;
  • Voicemail;
  • Ring back tone; 
  • Music-on-hold.

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux

Users can purchase Billion PBX here or download its trial version. With the unregistered version it is possible to make 2 simultaneous calls with 5 minutes duration.