About Billion PBX

Billion PBX, a SIP-based IP PBX software product designed by ProfInfoTech, is a phone system of a new generation. Billion PBX offers telephony functions that comply with a wide spectrum of business requirements, from small offices to large-scale call centers. The system allows to make regular voice calls as well as to use advanced call features.

Key Features of Billion PBX:

  • Calling:
    • Callback
    • Voice mail
    • Call forwarding
    • Call recording
    • Call hold
    • Group call
    • Ring back tone
    • Music-on-hold services
  • Subscriber self-service
  • Call data records (CDR)
  • Embedded rating and billing
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration with external billing system
  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)
  • Report generation

IP PBX software can be installed on a computer over the LAN. Subscribers’ registration runs under SIP Registrar and RAS protocols, while SIP gateway ensures call routing.  Since Billion PBX supports SIP Registrar, it can be integrated with all SIP-supported products. The system requires a phone line, computer network, Internet connection as well as phone adapters, softphones, IP-phones and smartphones. Its flexible administrative web-interface provides remote management. Billion PBX supports intraoffice network calls, calls from office to IP-provider networks (for instance, Skype) and landline phones. Billion PBX supports such operating systems as Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Why choose Billion PBX?

  • Compatibility with a range of devices
  • System reliability and user-friendly layout
  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Stable connection with minimal network loads 
  • Considerable savings: virtual PBX helps minimize connection costs and collaborate with partners, coworkers and customers remotely. 
  • Consistent technical support and assistance are provided to all clients, including advices on equipment and Billion PBX- based phone system setup 
  • Transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs
  • Extended licensing: Clients may choose permanent (perpetual) license or subscription. Permanent license requires one-time payment, while subscription includes monthly payments
  • Software update, replacement and installation of additional equipment
  • Special bonuses and offers

The installation process of the system takes no more than 5 minutes. Billion PBX trial version is available here to install, configure and to test in practice. The unregistered version provides 2 simultaneous calls with 5 minutes duration.