Software Products

The ever changing environment of the telecommunication industry has always been a strong focus area for ProfInfoTech. In this competitive landscape, the company helps businesses gain new agility in addressing the challenges they face in the process of digital communication.

ProfInfoTech attends to all aspects of the development practice including the research and development, integration, maintenance and support. The company’s product profile in software development is quite wide – from billing software, VoIP servers and softphones to network management and monitoring systems. Depending on the purpose of use, all software is highly functional and can be adapted to multiple platforms and devices.

At ProfInfoTech, profound technology and functional expertise are merged together to deliver best-in-class technology solutions that offer:  

  • Installation and configuration simplicity;
  • Minimum hardware requirements;
  • Multi-platform support;
  • Extended licensing;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Free technical support.


Billion Softswitch - SIP/H323 VoIP-server allows to proxy signaling and media streams, generate reports, manage cross-protocol SIP/H323 conversion, and media stream transcoding. As a switchboard in the VoIP-networks, Billion Softswitch is a proven alternative to expensive equipment providing accessible billing system and advanced call routing features. The server has built-in support for Windows and Linux.

Price: from $186.00.


Billion PBX - a new generation of IP phone solutions changes the way people work and interact via web. Billion PBX is a SIP phone system with embedded billing and administrative web interface for remote management.  Call data record list maintenance helps to keep informed about the phone call details of both the calling and receiving parties. With the same license, Billion PBX supports call forwarding, voicemail, and callback in various operating systems.

Price: from $120.00.


Billion Phone - Billion Phone is web-based SIP phone software for making voice calls between computers. When working with Billion Softswitch, Billion PBX, or any other SIP server, the freeware SIP-softphone can be used to view the current balance onscreen. Branded user interface can be developed for extra business needs.

Need to consult a technical specialist? Our customer support takes you through installation process, initial configuration and software upgrade. Feel free to download the trial version.