ProfInfoTech - About Us - About the Company

ProfInfoTech is an established global company focused on IT consulting and custom software for VoIP systems, covering both server and client side software.  Armed with solid competence and expertise in premium class software development, the company is engaged in development, support and distribution of functionally rich VoIP servers and applications for large and medium telecom businesses.

For more than 12 years, the company has served large and medium companies from all over Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, the UK and the USA, offering time-proven reliability and minimum hardware requirements along with installation and configuration simplicity.

ProfInfoTech offers licensed, highly advanced and feature-rich solutions that surpass alternative products in the telecoms software market. Its primary focus is upon Progress Software Corp. product line covering versions from 7 to 10 of legacy and contemporary systems.

ProfInfoTech has established a developed network of partners, locally and internationally, by using tried-and-true methods and new progressive techniques for managing product software. As a Silver Microsoft Partner with ISV Competency, ProfInfoTech proves its high-level expertise and professional skill base in various software development areas:

  • billing systems;
  • VoIP servers;
  • VoIP softphones;
  • Network management and monitoring systems.

The company aims at providing comprehensive IP telephony solutions in all the dimensions of the telecoms business, embedding a new generation of phone systems for businesses with basic computer network experience and high-end VoIP proficiency.   Strong developers’ background and sophisticated development tools facilitate navigation through multivendor heterogeneous networks, making the communication process easier, quicker and safer.